About Us

Kofi Lee Maxwell

Kofi Lee Maxwell

Owner and CEO

How We Got Started

I began farming over 10 years ago after the untimely passing of my father. Though I have always harboured dreams of being a professional football player, I realized that developing a reliable stream of income was essential to help support myself and my family. Through hard work, MKL Wealth Farms has been able to move from strength to strength, sustaining not only my family, but to also bring jobs to my village which is located in one of Ghana’s most impoverished areas. We are especially proud of our hiring practices which give opportunities to some of our communities most vulnerable populations – young people (some as young as 12 years old), and women with very little formal education.


Our Mission

MKL Wealth Farms strives to be not necessarily the biggest, but certainly among the best of Ghana’s agricultural enterprises. In every aspect of our organization and operations we strive to set new standards in Ghana for efficiency, profitability, high-quality produce, reliability and worker safety.

Our Workers

MKL Wealth Farms has a very diverse workforce – young people, women and occasionally, volunteers.

Women at work

Youths on the job

Overseas volunteers